My shocking sugar intake and why I transformed my diet


One of the first – and biggest – things I did after being diagnosed with cancer was completely change my diet. For years I was a a chocolate-loving, fizzy drink-gulping sugar fiend, and it soon became clear how that lifestyle could have caught up with me – especially for someone who has never smoked or really drunk much alcohol.

A few months on – after employing the help of a specialist nutritional therapist – I’m now a sugar-free, organic-loving water drinker. I’m definitely not perfect, and I’ve succumbed to temptation on more than one occasion, but at least I’m giving my body a break from the massive sugar and carb-fuelled hangover it used to deal with.

It all started in October 2014, a few weeks after diagnosis, when my consultant told me surgery would clear the visible tumours but not catch any other cancer cells that were hidden elsewhere. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy weren’t on the table and, although surgery would see the tumours removed, he was firm in his belief that the cancer would probably return.