Ajax to Ajax: The Documentary

Ajax to Ajax: The Documentary

“It genuinely was one of the most extraordinary events I’ve ever attended. The respect shown by the audience to the film was amazing and you could feel the love for Matt throughout the film. He was one very very special human being and his gift to us all was such a brave but unsentimental light he shone on his situation, a journalist until the end. A truly remarkable young man. Matt would have been really happy, he brought everyone together last night and it was wonderful.”

You can now purchase Ajax to Ajax: The Documentary on a USB Stick directly from Violet Leaf Creations here  (Open link in a new tab) supporting Christies Hospital.

The Ajax to Ajax documentary was produced and directed by Matt Canty and Matt Crowther from Violet Leaf Creations.

They accompanied Sam Canty, Matt Wells and Joe Weston on their cycle ride from Ajax football club in Warwick to Ajax football stadium in Holland together with Jonny Byrne driving the support vehicle.

This film not only records the 430 mile journey, it also gives insight into Matt Bates thoughts and feelings, along with those of his friends and family.

After many hundreds of hours of editing, the film was premiered at the Spa Centre cinema in Royal Leamington Spa on Saturday 23rd June, 2018.

The film was quickly sold out and over £1500 was raised for the Christies Hospital in Manchester where Matthew Bates had received treatment for his illness.


A story that highlights the importance of friendship, strength and human will.


“A great documentary and well put together raising money for the Christies.”

“An amazing film”


“A story of what a small group of lads will do to help their friend in his hour of need.”

Listen to the radio interview here

A huge thank you to Infinite Pixel for their help organising the USB sicks!!!